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Anime that need feet pictures to earn articles


In "Sousei no Aquarion" episode 04 "Barefoot Warrior" being barefoot is a major topic of the episode but closeups are really scarce on the female side. Anyway we get a nice shot of the female protagonist, Silvia.

Big O

In Big O, Angel is seen in her hosed feet throughout the final bunch of episodes (I don't know why,and she wasn't seen taking her boots off)


Haruna (Koreha Zombie Desuka):

  • episode 1 numerous shots of sole as she stomps on the main character after her clothes disappear.
  • episode 8 shot of sole as jumps on the main character's back.


In the first OVA of the series "Kurenai", a "pool and swimsuits episode" we are treated with lots of barefoot shots of the girls.


In "Mai-HiME" the are several instances in wich the girls shows their feet. For example Mikoto is barefoot in her first appearence and shows a lot of her feet during her stunts and battle.


Dom Pyro pulls off Jinja's right boot and keeps it to mock her after she tries to kick him. She remains in one boot the rest of the episode trying to get it back. But she fails to retrieve her stolen boot.

Platinumhugen Ordian

In "Platinumhugen Ordian" episode 03 "Full Moon" we get lots of GREAT shots of Nell feet: whe she "wake up" and when she enjoy the wind in a dangerous walk on the ledge of a building, not to mention the jump...

Rockman.EXE aka Mega Man NT Warrior

There's a Mega Man NT Warrior swimsuit episode where many of the Megaman girls go barefoot. Excluding the Net Navi's.

Soredemo Machi

In episode 1 of "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" there are a few nice shots of Hotori's feet kicking against the screen while she daydreams about her teacher.


In "The SoulTaker" episode 06 " The Malevolent Stratospehere Castle", Megumi give us some nice closeups of her feet.


In the second episode of the series, Cain and Abel are both show depicted as being barefoot when they were giving their sacrifices to God.

Ultimate Muscle

The Kinnikuman Legacy: Near the end of episode 51 "Sleep Fighter", when Kid put Roxanne down, a close up of her feet is shown.

Viper's Creed

In the Series "Viper's Creed", Sakurako Kariya show a lovely closeup of her bare foot while beaing treated for a foot injury.


In "Z-Mind" (short for Shishunki Bishoujo Gattai Robo Z-MIND ), one of the three sistsers, Renge, offers a view of her sole while falling on her back.

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