Fee is one of the protagonists of Harvey Beaks. Fee is a girl with an attitude as wild as her hair. Fee loves her twin brother Foo and her best friend Harvey Beaks. She is voiced by Angelina Wahler. She's also barefoot in most of the show, briefly donning shoes as part of her Halloween costume as an old man.

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Season 1

Most Episodes

Halloween Version (Le Corn Maze... of DOOM! / Harvey Isn't Scary)

Season 2

Most Episodes


Christmas Version (It’s Christmas, You Dorks!)

Pilot Episode: "Bad Seeds"

There was an older design of Fee with a few shots.

Season 1


She was barefoot whole episode.

The Spitting Tree

The Finger

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The Negatives of Being Positively Charged

The Rentl Bike

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Anti-Valentine's Day

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Nightclub Night

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The Rebel

Harvey's First Scar

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The Nature of Nature

Has a scene where it is a close up of her feet when she was destroying a branch.

A Tail of Les Squirrels

Comet Night!

The Sleepover's Over

Fee's Haircut

Foo's Panic Room

The Storm


Has one scene where it has a close up of her feet when she tickles Foo to get him to talk to her, there is also another scene where she pushes Kratz with her foot as she told him to walk it off like what Foo would do.

Foo Shoes

Fee & Foo's First Birthday

Has Fee getting a spa with her twin Foo. Before that, it shows Fee's toes while relaxing in mud when Harvey asks her and Foo a question about their birthday.

Season 2

Fee's Pyramid

Repo Fee

Fee is seen attempting to stop Randl with the airhorn then later steps on his hand with her foot and gives him a manicure, which she later gives herself a pedicure.

The Blister

Has some shots of her like a close up of her feet when pudding is spilled and when Fee's body got twisted.

The Bad Seed

Has Fee jumping on the couch along with some close up shots of her feet.

Missing Harvey

Fee pokes Foo with her toe to get his attention and deal with Dade.

The End And The Beginning


Nick Basketball Stars

Nick Baseball Stars


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