Dinah Laurel Lance one of several to take on the role of Black Canary in the DC Comics universe.

Canário Negro Dinah Laurel Lance

Comics (New 52)

Black Canary (Volume 4)

Issue 5

Issue 7

Issue 8

Comics (Pre New 52)

Adventure Comics

Issue 418

Unknown Comic

Batgirl Year One

Issue needed

World's Finest Comics

Issue 246

Issue needed

Green Arrow/Black Canary

Wedding Special

Birds of Prey

Issue 3

Issue 5

Issue 25

Issue 82

Art by Joe Bennett. Dinah sparring barefoot with Rabbit of the Twelve Brothers In Silk.

Issue 94

Brave & The Bold

Issue 166

Green Lantern/Green Arrow

Issue 86

Bruce Wayne - Murderer?

Issue Needed


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