See also: Animated Foot Scene Wiki:Policy and Animated Foot Scene Wiki:Privacy policy

Article guidelines

  1. Articles about a character may be made if their name is known, or some other reasonable thing to call them (such as "Gohan's mom" if you didn't know Chichi's name in Dragonball. Solo images should be hosted exclusively there, with the series page reserved for unknown characters and images which depict multiple barefoot characters simultaneously.
  2. Repeating a character's name within episode sections or image descriptions is only appropriate on a series page.
    • If a page is solely about one character then it is better to abbreviate using pronouns. So for example "his feet" instead of "Goku's feet", and "he goes barefoot" instead of "Vegeta goes barefoot".
  3. If you know of a wiki about a series, please link to it at the bottom of an article.
    • The same goes for linking to character pages on said wikis from character pages. If multiple wikis exist on the same topic, they may all be linked.
  4. If images are acquired from other sites, it is polite to link to them at the bottom and credit the name/date of origin, so long as the site is clean.
  5. If you would like to create a template for easier linking to other Wikia projects, please contact an administrator about helping to design it.
  6. Do not remove images from pages that others have added, if you think an image should be removed, nominate it for deletion by adding {{delete}} and an admin will come review it, or contact one of us directly. Simply removing the code from the page doesn't remove the file and clutters up Special:UnusedFiles.

Category guidelines

Please contact an admin prior to creating new categories, as there have been problems with them being created not according to standard formatting or with vague concepts that create potential conflict.

Please also carefully read any existing info in a category to be sure you are using it correctly. Some categories are meant only for images, and some are meant only for character pages, and they should not be mixed up.

Image guidelines

  1. Cropping is fine to a degree. It is fine to crop out irrelevant parts of the background or other characters who aren't interacting with the subject matter. Cropping can also be done to censor nudity. Ideally though, please show as much as possible of the owner of the foot to establish their identity and what they're doing while barefoot.
  2. Zooming is not desirable. Higher-detail images are fine, but simply blowing up a shot just bloats the file size and doesn't actually add detail. For anyone taking screenshots, please either use the screencap function of your media player or else exist fullscreen to view something at it's actual resolution before copying the screen to an image file.

Sometimes all that will be onscreen is feet, and that's perfectly fine, don't change a thing. But those are unique aspects of directing, and we artificially create a close-up shot where there wasn't one, we give a skewed perception of how the media was conveyed. If we zoom in when we don't have to, all the shots will begin to look more similar and boring and we'll have to go on people's word about who the character is that owns the foot, and that's no good.


  1. Avoid images that suggest sexual intercourse, images that may be perceived to merely imply off-screen sexual (or overly erotic) acts, because Wikia Staff members might flag it as obscene or pornographic in nature. This is sometimes termed "hentai" when referring to anime or manga.
    • Note: ecchi scenes, or clean scenes from hentai anime/manga, are fine though, so long as they are clearly distinctive from erotic scenes. So you could choose to show images from La Blue Girl, but only the "clean" ones that do not occur during forbidden scenes.


  1. No images of female areolas or nipples (male ones are fine, Wikia is okay with them, though feel free to cover them with censor bars too for comedy)
  2. No images of genitalia of either gender
  3. No images which overly detail the buttox. Do not show this area with bare skin (and certainly no openings). Even if its clothed, it might be better to crop out that region of the picture if the person is wearing tight pants, or the image is detailed enough to make someone want to say 'DAT ASS.'
  4. Thumbnails are only to be used at the top of a page next to the description. Instead of clicking 'Photo' under 'add features and media', click 'gallery' instead for adding images within subsections. Galleries should be used even when there is only a single image.


Adding New Pages

  1. Always add new pages to proper categories.
    This can be done through the editing menu, through the little box at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You need only select the categories in which the subject applies (e.g. Category:Anime, Category:Manga, Category:Cartoons, etc.)
  2. Be mindful of the pages that exist before creating a new one.
    If something needs adding, first ensure the page you want to create is not already in existence.
  3. Do not create a new page unless you upload a picture alongside it.
    This proves that at least one scene exists, warranting the page. If a picture is lacking, please add all information to the Other pages so other users can attempt to find a picture to create the page with.
  4. Always have a page for your picture(s).
    If you can't find a series or character page on which to include any photos you are adding: MAKE ONE. Do NOT just upload pictures and leave them in limbo for admins to find on Special:UnusedFiles. Do as much work as you can by yourself.
  5. Use sections to organize.
    Wherever possible, use appropriately titled subsections to group information, especially with multiple pictures. If characters are featured in multiple episodes (or even multiple series) these sections can group things in order. When doing episode sections, title them after the number of the episode. It is okay to mention the title of the episode, but please so do within the section itself. It is okay to use the title instead of the number if you are not sure what the proper number is. Sometimes TV guides are not consistent about the numbering schemes, and sometimes they are changed. Where possible, we go with original air dates. Some exceptions may be made, such as in Haruhi Suzumiya media, where things were eventually regrouped chronologically.
  6. Link to other Wikia projects that are related.
    Many comic, cartoon, anime and manga series are popular enough to have Wikia projects dedicated to them. If you have the time, please take a look and google to see if there is a Wikia project about the series. If there is, please link to it under a "See Also" section so that people can find out more about it. You can use an abbreviated notation, for example w:c:animefeet links to this wiki.

    Many characters from comics, cartoons, anime and manga also often have pages dedicated to them within their wikis. They can be linked to in a similar way by appending the wikia's abbreviated link with a colon and the page's name. For example, our page on Tarzan can be linked to from other wikis using w:c:animefeet:Tarzan. While if I want to link to the Disney Wikia project's article about him, I would type w:c:Disney:Tarzan. Please search to see if a character you make a page about has corresponding pages on other Wikia projects and link to them in the see also section.

    Templates have also been created to be used when characters or series have corresponding identically-named articles on other wikis which explore memes. {{AB}} is used to embed a link to Anime Baths, {{FS}} to Fanservice, and {{AM}} to AniManga. There are others as well. Only insert these links in the See Also section if a page for a character or series already exists.

Posting New Files or Pictures

  1. Post a description of the scene along with any pictures.
    This is especially desired when the context could be mistaken for an image of a more erotic nature.
  2. Use descriptive file names.
    If you know the full name of a character (or characters) in a scene, it is ideal to use that in the filename. If you know the name of the series they are depicted in, the number of the episode in the series, or even the minutes/seconds (1h20m notation is brief) the shot was taken, this is all information which can be used to create a unique file name. If there are ten characters named John, calling your file about one of them "John1" is not going to make an easy job for us. But if it was JohnMorrison1 and JohnCena1 and JohnLaurenaitas1, then it will be easier.
  3. Add your picture to a page.
    If you don't know the name of a character, add a picture to a page about the series. If one doesn't exist, make one. If you only know part of the character's name, that's fine, add it to that page and we'll try and puzzle out more. If pictures already exist, do what you can to organize them in chronological order, such as by episode or sequential time.